a-once-mighty-faithThe Next Great Awakening?

The kingdom of God is the most important and all-encompassing concept of Scripture. Yet the kingdom remains one of the most misunderstood, misconstrued, confused, abstracted, abused, contested, and ignored realities in the Church.

The kingdom of God was also the central teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, at the heart of his ministry, and the very essence of New Testament Christianity. Today, however, the kingdom is no longer the central teaching of his Church, at the heart of its ministry, or its very essence. Consequently, when the Church in America lost its kingdom orientation and worldview, we started losing the culture and our children in droves.


Inside this inquiring book you will discover answers to:


  • Has Christianity been tamed?
  • Are we Christians losing America?
  • What is the Second American Revolution?
  • Is there any viable hope?
  • The kingdom conundrum
  • Return of the Miraculous
  • Grounding the kingdom time- and nature-wise
  • Turning the world upside down again


It’s time to wake up ‘the sleeping giant’ called the Church