November 20, 2001

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The Next Reformation Has Begun

Modern-day Reformers Post ‘9.5 Theses’ on ‘Church Door’

(COLORADO SPRINGS) – A new era in church history began last week with the “posting on the Church door”-i.e., presenting and distributing-of the 9.5 Theses for the Next Reformation document at the 53rd Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society held in Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 14-16, 2001.

The document is patterned after Martin Luther’s famous “95 Theses” that were posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517. Luther’s document empowered and propelled the Protestant Reformation.

9.5 Theses has been crafted to finish the job of reform in the previously un-addressed field of eschatology (end-time Bible prophecy). Thirty original signatories endorsed the document. These modern-day reformers include church pastors, ministers, teachers, media hosts, and ministry leaders from across the country. Additional signatories are being added.

Over 800 of the 1400 ETS scholars in attendance stopped by the International Preterist Association’s exhibit booth and picked up a copy of this one-page, two-sided document. Its first “posting” created quite a stir. Most voiced a need to take it home and study it more closely. However, one theologian lamented that “I just can’t believe there isn’t an eschatological end on the horizon.” Another complained, “this is so radical.” But radical is the nature of reform, and many agreed that our eschatological views need reform-especially in light of the Left Behind phenomenon.

The Evangelical Theological Society is the professional society of conservative, evangelical scholars. Its purpose is “to foster conservative biblical scholarship by providing a medium for the oral exchange and written expression of thought and research in the general field of the theological disciplines as centered in the Scriptures.”

More “postings” are planned for 9.5 Theses for the Next Reformation.


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