Hell Yes Hell No_imageCan We Really Be So Sure Anymore?

Battle lines are drawn. Sides are fixed. Arguments are exhausted. The majority proclaim, “Hell yes!” But growing numbers are protesting, “Hell no!” After nineteen centuries of church history, no effective resolution or scriptural reconciliation has been offered—until now!

So what really is the true Christian doctrine on this matter of hell and the greater issue of the extent of God’s grace (mercy, love, compassion, justice) and wrath in the eternal, afterlife destiny for all people? The answer goes to the heart of Christian theology and Christianity itself. Has our limited earthly view been the problem? Could God’s plan of salvation be far different than we’ve been led to believe?

In this book you’ll discover:

  • A balanced scholarly re-exploration of the mystery of God’s desire, will, and purpose in the eternal afterlife destiny for all people.
  • Re-evaluation of conflicting views.
  • Re-assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of pro and con arguments.
  • Synthesis of the strengths into one coherent and consistent view that meets all scriptural demands.
  • Reconciliation of the greatest debate of ‘all.’
  • Transcending troubling traditions as never before!