Peak Performance for High Achievers – Revised Edition_imageRevised edition – PEAK PERFORMANCE PRINICIPLES FOR HIGH ACHIEVERS is a dynamic story of how one man transformed himself, sedentary and out-of-shape in his mid-thirties, into a dynamic leader – and how you can too.

John R. Noe is using his mountain-climbing adventures as an allegory for the challenge of goal setting and the thrill of high achievement. He shows you how to choose accurate goals, how to reach them, how to remain committed to the accomplishment of a goal whether earthly or spiritual, and—in short—how to become a high achiever. To help you succeed, Noe offers a unique philosophy of reaching “beyond self-motivation” to the spiritual motivation that comes from God.


In this revised edition, Noe adds further insights and updates his reader on how these principles have fared in his life since the book’s original writing in 1984—which was named one of Amway Corporation’s “top ten recommended books.”


Noe shows you how to learn the six essential attitudes of a high achiever:

1.       High Achievers make no small plans.

2.       Are willing to do what they fear.

3.       Are willing to prepare.

4.       To risk failure.

5.       To be taught.

6.       And must have heart.



  • “After reading this marvelous book I realized how little I have accomplished with my life…compared to what I could have done. But, it’s not too late.”
  •                       Og Mandino Author of: The Greatest Salesman in the World
  • “So many Christians are going through life settling for mediocre, settling for second best, and choosing the path of least resistance. Not Dr. John R. Noe, author of this old (1984) and new (2006) book, Peak Performance Principles for High Achievers — Revised Edition. He reminds us that the first mountain we need to conquer is that of ourselves and that God wants us to accomplish great things for His glory.”
  •                        Dr. D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.     Senior Minister     Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
  • “…I am profoundly impressed. I am asking the person who books our guests on the Hour of Power to…schedule you on the program…we’ll give you a pretty good audience…and know it comes with my solid urging.”
  •                        Dr. Robert H. Schuller     Founding Pastor     The Crystal Cathedral