No longer is Jesus the earth-bound, historical Jesus of Nazareth we have come to know and love in churches around the world ever week.  No longer is He the sleeping babe in a manger we celebrate every Christmas, or the boy who played in Galilee, or the man they hung at Calvary, or even the lamb who died for you and me. Those traditional views are simply out-of-date and inadequate.  Why so? It’s because He’s not like that anymore.

Yes, the Jesus of the Gospels has changed since his birth and earthly ministry. Yet He’s still the same Person. Most people today, however, remain unaware and uninformed about this same but more glorious, greater Jesus.

In this book you will discover:

  • He looks different than the way we usually picture Him.
  • He rides a horse on the clouds.
  • He hosts a grand banquet.
  • He’s not sitting around (up in heaven) waiting to come back.
  • He comes in many wondrous ways.
  • He fights the battle of Armageddon.
  • He plagues the great prostitute.
  • He raptures a remnant.
  • He wants you to live in the city.
  • And much more.