He still comes.

What saddens and troubles us deeply is the popular idea that Jesus is off somewhere waiting to come back or to return. Yet Scripture declares He never left, is here with us right now in our midst, and still comes in many wondrous ways. But millions of Christians don’t know it and most churches don’t recognize his many comings. That’s another reason why they don’t experience Him more fully in everyday life. What a tragedy!

This is the living and active Jesus of today, the contemporary Christ, who is in our world and in our midst and operates in a much greater manner and functions in much broader capacities than during his earthly ministry. Consequently, He is much greater than most of us can fathom and have been led to believe. We assure you; this realization will not only transform your life, but most importantly, will transform you. (See again “Second Coming.”)

To put it in the vernacular of today, Jesus is in the comings business. And He is still active and involved with his creation (Rev. 1:13, 20). But some of you may be wondering, how does Jesus come? Simply put, He comes in and out of the spirit realm, sometimes visibly, sometimes not. And we believe it is time for God’s people to wake up to the full meaning, power, and reality of Christ’s presence and many comings in and out of that spirit realm. Yet some may question if Christ’s many countless comings are a second-rate option? The answer is, “No! A thousand times, no! The spirit realm is as real as anything you hold in your hands. It may even be more real, because it is eternal. And the personal and bodily presence of Jesus Himself is in the spirit realm and his many countless comings in many different ways into and out of the physical realm are a here-and-now, ongoing reality.” This is precisely what continues to happen, occasionally and/or frequently, from Jesus’ abiding and omnipresent presence with us, all around this world. For further support of this present-day phenomena, let’s go to the book of Revelation.


1 The Greater Jesus by John Noe