Many countless comings.

Over the centuries, and as we have seen, no idea has ever gripped the human imagination more firmly than the doctrine of a Second Coming or the Return of Jesus Christ. Nor has any idea ever created more needless confusion, anxiety, or spiritual poverty among Christians and more discreditation for Christ’s Church in the eyes of the world. As dates have come and gone, history has continually proven false those who have tried to predict when the Second Coming will occur. Initially, this quest was considered a fringe movement or flat-out heresy. However, within the past sixty short years it has become a central tenet of American Protestantism and prime preoccupation of evangelical Christians. So we have seen a barrage of future predictions with their missed times and dates having come and gone. But with every war or global disturbance a new wave of predictive books and materials suddenly appears.  In their wake, all of these writers and teachers have been left with one thing in common: they have all been wrong. Unfortunately, this fact does not seem to deter the next wave of date-setters eager to capitalize on this fear.

But the testimony of Scripture is there have been many previous comings of Jesus. They run like a thread throughout both the Old and New Testaments. And many more countless comings are promised. Clearly and convincingly, Jesus’ comings cannot be limited to two or three times, or to any at all as is commonly assumed. Furthermore, Jesus has promised to continue coming in many different ways, for different purposes, at different times, in different locations, and to different people. The book of Revelation offers further support for this ongoing reality and ministry of the contemporary Christ.


1 The Greater Jesus by John Noe