Noe Timeline9 Nat’l TV Programs on ‘Synthesis Eschatology’

 Airs 10/17 through 12/17 on TBN’s “The Church Channel.”

Program 1 of 9:  (Aired 10/17&22/14)

Introduction to Synthesis Eschatology / The Great End-time Fiasco

Program 2 of 9:  (Aired 10/24&29/14)

Perfection in Two Creations / The Appointed Time of the End / Precise Fulfillment of Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy

Program 3 of 9: (Aired 10/31& 11/5/14)

Finishing Daniel’s 70 Weeks and Time of the End Prophecies

Program 4 of 9:  (Aired 11/7&12/14)

Harmonizing with the NT / Intensification of Nearness Language

Program 5 of 9:  (Aired 11/14&19/14)

The So-called Second Coming/Return of Christ / The Many Comings of Jesus

Program 6 of 9:  (Aired 11/21&26/14)

Jesus’ Most Dramatic End-time Prophecy — Part 1

Program 7 of 9:  (Aired 11/28&12/3/14)

Jesus’ Most Dramatic End-time Prophecy — All These Things — Part 2

Program 8 of 9:  (Aired 12/5&12/10/14)

Jesus’ Most Dramatic End-time Prophecy — All These Things — Part 3

Program 9 of 9:  (Aired 12/12&12/17/14)

Grand Conclusion / John Noe’s Personal Story

TBN’s “The Church Channel” will be airing nine half-hour programs, twice weekly, on the new topic and concept of “Synthesis Eschatology.”


Host Dr. Lynn Hiles and guest Dr. John Noe (pronounced No–ee) will be discussing this unique approach and synthesis solution to the many problems of four competing, conflicting, and divisive end-time views.

The program is listed as “Dr. Lynn Hiles.” It’s called “That You Might Have Life.”

Each program airs on Friday at 12:30pm ET and re-airs the following Wednesday at 6:00pm ET. Following its airing, each program will be posted on YouTube and PRI’s website (see below).

Dr. Hiles’ program is carried on a host of cable outlets (check local listings), the Dish Network channel 258, and DirecTV 371.

Dr. Noe is author of the new book: Unraveling the End: A balanced scholarly synthesis of four competing and conflicting end-time views. It is based on his doctoral dissertation and 13-week church seminar series.

Dr. Hiles says: “Filmed 9 programs with John Noe. Good stuff you don’t want to miss. Coming in Oct. . . If these shows don’t give you hope for your now and future, nothing will! . . . Very powerful conversation pivotal for the church!!!”

Issues covered include:

• Synthesis Eschatology – an Overview
• The Great End-time Fiasco
• Divine Perfection in Two Creations
• The Appointed Time of the End
• Precise Fulfillment of Daniel’s Two Specific Time Prophecies
• Harmony of the New Testament Time Statements
• Intensification of Nearness Language in NT
• The Second Coming/Return of Christ
• Jesus’ Most Dramatic Prophecy Revisited
• How I Originally Got Involved in All This

For more about Dr. Noe and this book or to view these TV programs after they air, click here:

P.S. The more awareness and responses you can help us generate about these nine TV programs the more likely Dr. Noe will be asked back to do more programs on this topic – this is how you can help and be part of this next-reformation-advancing team!

John Noe, Ph.D.
Author of “Unraveling the End:
A balanced scholarly synthesis of four competing and conflicting end-time views”

Viewer Comments

“WOW Lynn – Dr. Noe is another true blessing thru you! Dad has been watching this one over and over since you aired it! He loves it!” (Cherie)

“This is sooooo good. . . . makes me more excited about the next ones. Thank you so much Dr. Hiles. :)” (JoAnn)

“Moves quick, easy to watch/listen to.  Fresh view of why the end times are in the past and not in the future.  It is great to hear fulfilled bible prophecy on t.v.  The false prophecy teachers kingdom is coming down!”  (Bryon)

“Awesome word :)”  (Hazel)

“Fantastic!”  (Matthew)

“Great start! . . . We will watch the second showing on Wednesday and catch the 2nd program next Friday.” (Mona)

“Great stuff, Dr. Noe! I’ve been blessed to read your book ‘Unraveling The End’ as well as listening to your synthesis lecture series on podcast. You can be sure I’ll be watching and sharing. God bless you, your family and the work He’s called you to! :-)” (Jeffrey)

“Congratulations for today’s program on Church Channel with Dr. Lynn Hiles, it was fantastic, revealing, and very clear . . . . now very excited and with great expectation to  watch the following programs. . . . keep on doing the good work of the kingdom presenting this message with so much class and dignity for the body of Christ, the Church.”  (Walter)

“Just wanted to let you know that I watched your first half hour today and wanted to give you a big thanks that you are out there doing this to help reach people with our Lord’s truth.  Great job.  You looked comfortable, sincere, and knowledgeable, to truth.  I know your heart is for that very reason and I will pray for you to stay humble and grounded.” (Gloria)

“Thanks John. . . . The more I study, the more convinced I become about your ‘Synthesized Eschatology.’ . . . is the beginning of reforming the reformed, post Luther. . . . keep going John…keep going.” (Rich)

“This is an excellent beginning.  Your cliffhanger is how do we deal with the apparent contradiction that the “this generation” prophecy wasn’t fulfilled?  Not being exposed to the actual answer has led many into skepticism, causing them to doubt the rest of the Bible.  I’m looking forward to next week when I assume you’ll be giving the answer from the preterist approach.  I’m also interested in seeing how you will combine some of the other eschatological views into your synthesis.  Great point about how inserting a delay adds to/takes away from Scripture.” (Steve)